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The #1  Veterinary-Specific OSHA 

Regulatory Control Consulting Company

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OSHA Complete Services and Tools

VetOSHA provides you with all the tools all ready to use in order to set up your Veterinary-Specific OSHA regulatory program Our tools include:

OSHA Required Veterinary Specific Safety Manual

OSHA Required veterinary specific OSHA Training

Complete and most up to date SDS Library

OSHA Required GHS Labels Already Made 

Violation Representation 

The Latest and Most Accurate OSHA Updates



Subscription To The Veterinary Learning Center gives your team on demand online access to all OSHA required training.

Includes all required paperwork required by OSHA

Simple instructions

Get your OSHA training done quickly, easily, and be completely covered with all OSHA required training for your team

Veterinary OSHA Specific

Simple Enjoyable Videos

Complete Paperwork as required by OSHA


OSHA Violation Representation

Our Regulatory specialist will represent you if an OSHA violation is filed. Includes virtual inspection, preparation of the response and follow up to ensure continued compliance to prevent future OSHA complaints

Clients who adhere to the VetOSHA program remain violation and fine-free

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