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TKM: The Kendrick Method​
​Mastermind Groups for the Veterinary Team

Congratulations on making the Best decision to move your practice and personal life forward!
By joining  a group of your colleagues to help you achieve your goals for your practice and in your personal life, you have made the number one smartest business decision! You are a leader and you show this every day! Today begins your most excellent, exciting, and opportunity expanding path to true success, and contentment. All successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have one thing in common: being a part of a Master Mind Group We have Master Mind Groups for all levels, all needs:

     - Veterinarians Closing in on Retirement
     - New Practice Owners
     - Associate Veterinarians
     - New Graduates
     - Practice Managers
     - Vet Techs
     - Mixed Groups for Teams Members

What: A Master Mind Group is a working group that meets to brainstorm on whatever topics You choose! Management, staff, clients, patients, balance of life and work, you decide what topics you need input on. These are colleagues who share your values, your ethics and your desires to grow your practice and independent wealth. Brainstorming is a wonderful tool to help you see the clear steps on your path to success, but add on to that 'Hot Seats', where each member of the group is listened to, advised AND held accountable for tasks to achieve their goals, and you have the Perfect formula for success.

Where: Online meeting room allows you to log in with any device: smart phone, not so smart phone, laptop, tablet, desktop.

When: Your group decides on the parameters but generally once every two weeks for first 4 sessions then monthly for 4 sessions.

Who: You are matched with a group that fits your needs and preferences based on needs sheet.

Facilitated by: Dr. Chery F. Kendrick,  a skilled MMGroup facilitator,

business coach, veterinarian and business owner.

Join Us today!
Call Dr. Kendrick today to discuss: 865-405-4255

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